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ATTENTION: Change of Blog Location!!!

Goddess Adornments is Moving!!! Yes, I normally would like to stay posted in one spot for my blog…but I believe I have found a more sutible home for the future of my blogging needs ūüôā And, it’s better now than later…so my new blogging will resume at : I won’t be taking any of these wordpress blogs with me and eventually this site will no longer exist.

Here’s to a fresh start…see you later

Thanks for stopping by come visit me at my new home!!!!


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Make A Wish Wednesdays

I wish for openness and compassion when dealing with others. For my heart to be at peace even when I am struck with challenging situations.¬† For love to Prevail…ritual-to-envoke-compassion

To view others wish’s please visit…Starshine Productions

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Weaving Dreams and Dancing On MoonlighT



A major source of inspiration for this pendent has been an ongoing fascination of mine working in the Dream Realm.¬† I love the moment right before I fall asleep, when my¬† consciousness is completely relaxed and my body goes into paralysis. I teater back and forth, in between dreams and reality…this is the point lucid dreaming can happen, it takes a while to activate, but when you do drifting into a dream state will be so much more enjoyable.

This pendent, Dream Weaver, was designed to aid one in a journey of working with lucid dreaming AND/OR simply getting a more restful nights sleep. I mixed many dream¬† stones together…

  • Lepidolite, the main stone in the pendent, is said to work on the level of emdream-weaverotions, easing stress and mental exhaustion in your waking life. Improving self esteem and self empowerment. Helps to stabilize mood swings and smooth out sleep disturbances.
  • Moonstone, balancing hormonal shifts. Enhances psychic abilities. Helps one to understand emotions, dreams, self discovery.
  • amethyst, third eye opener. Meditative. Improves insight and intuition. Relaxing.
  • Hematite, grounding and clear thinking.

Getting a restful night sleep is important to every aspect of our lives. Everything is connected in the Dream Weaver Web.

To read more about this piece please click here to visit my storefront.

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Tranquil Moon: Earrings for the Full Moon Woman

tranquil-moon earrings

As the moon waxes and wanes we are in constant reminder of our feminine energies rising and falling within.¬† A “full moon woman” as I call it, is¬† full of energy and life, multi-tasking and possibly mothering, either a child or a new idea or project. We are in full bloom, past the point of waxing crescent youth and not yet to wise crone.¬† It is a beautiful and fulfilling place to be. One must be especially cautious at this time, however to seek the balance necessary to combat burnout and to live stable and free. Luckily there are a plethora of ways to go about balance. One tactic that I have found valuable is to have a constant reminder… of all that encompasses true presence. With true presence all else will come naturally. ¬† A reminder can come in any way shape or form. I like to double my odds with a reminder/energetic source, such as a crystal, herbs etc…

These earrings were made in honor of our womanly nature and our need for balance. They not only serve as a visual reminder of all of the majestic beauty that dwells within, but they also act as an energy source that can help to bring a sense of peace and serenity into our energy field and therefore all around us.

Tranquil Moon Earrings artranquil-moon earringse one of a kinds, fresh out of the Goddess Adornments Studio, for more info about them click here!

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Full Moon Collage Inspiration

Another creative outlet of mine (and there are many) are collages, or “Dream Boards”! You can use this tool for optimum manifestation of anfull moon collagey aspect of your life and when your done, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art as a constant reminder of your goals and dreams. Or you can give as an affordable, thoughtful gift to a friend.

And of course, there is no better time to implement these internal visions than on the full moon, since that is the time the world is beaming with energy and fulfillment.

I got the idea for the dream boards a while ago, but was reminded by visiting the blogsite of Star Shyne Productions please visit her site for more creative awareness on the power of Dream Boards.

This one, shown here, is one a couple friends and I made. THis is only a small section of it, it actually is glued on my wall in my dining room, like wallpaper. How’s that for a reminder!

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Sea Speaks in Visions

sea-speaks-in-visionsI just finished this elaborate seascape piece last night. It is created for a dear friend of mine who has inspired me greately throughout the years.  I love the free form wraped abalone including tighter coiles throughout which give it a fresh from the sea appeal. The drop is a mother of pearl, which also has a very organic shape and matches the abalone in an oceanic rhymic way.  For the neckline, I twisted three strands together, one of purpley toned pearls and blue apatite, one of blue irredecent sead beads and one of grey silk cord on which I hung thai silver dropletts. Sea Speaks in Visions

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Turquoise Goddess

Bright, sky blue turquoise, tigers eye and white howlite, sterling silver…availible at my shopturqouise-goddess

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Sea of Enchantment

abenchanted-seaalone, flourite, pearl, iolite

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Ancient enchantment

beautiful quartz point, aquamarine, charite, moonstone, labradoriteancient enchantment

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Heaven on Earth

exquisitely¬† enchanting…amethyst, kynite, iolite and all natural brassheaven-on-earth

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