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Rainbow Awakening

Ever have one of those days when just a glimmer of hope changed your whole perceptional reality? This week we had a rain spell up here in Northern California. It rained for three solid days.  One evening we noticed the color change outside and stepped out to see a vibrant glorious rainbow! Oh, springtime bliss is upon us! I could see each rainbows end anrainbowd all 5 miles of shifting color variancerainbow-awakening.  Taking a deep breath, I realized how easy it is to get caught up our life story and how a phenomena such as a rainbow can pull us back into our true selves connected with magic and transformation.

The rainbow was followed by a magnificent sunset and my inspiration was surging. Thus, these new earrings, entitled, “Rainbow Awakening” were manifested.  They are made from scratch from silver wire, hand hammered and oxidized to bring out an antiqued quality which I love. The “silver lining” is complimented by a shower of colored tourmaline, which I wire wrapped onto the frame.  In the middle I hung only the most beautiful amethyst crystals…the jewels at the end of the rainbow!

For more views and info on these earrings please visit www.goddessadornments.etsy.comrainbow-awakening


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Sea Speaks in Visions

sea-speaks-in-visionsI just finished this elaborate seascape piece last night. It is created for a dear friend of mine who has inspired me greately throughout the years.  I love the free form wraped abalone including tighter coiles throughout which give it a fresh from the sea appeal. The drop is a mother of pearl, which also has a very organic shape and matches the abalone in an oceanic rhymic way.  For the neckline, I twisted three strands together, one of purpley toned pearls and blue apatite, one of blue irredecent sead beads and one of grey silk cord on which I hung thai silver dropletts. Sea Speaks in Visions

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A creamy blend sparkling golds and sea greens. Made of opal and all natural brass.dreamscape

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