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ATTENTION: Change of Blog Location!!!

Goddess Adornments is Moving!!! Yes, I normally would like to stay posted in one spot for my blog…but I believe I have found a more sutible home for the future of my blogging needs ūüôā And, it’s better now than later…so my new blogging will resume at : I won’t be taking any of these wordpress blogs with me and eventually this site will no longer exist.

Here’s to a fresh start…see you later

Thanks for stopping by come visit me at my new home!!!!


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Weaving Dreams and Dancing On MoonlighT



A major source of inspiration for this pendent has been an ongoing fascination of mine working in the Dream Realm.¬† I love the moment right before I fall asleep, when my¬† consciousness is completely relaxed and my body goes into paralysis. I teater back and forth, in between dreams and reality…this is the point lucid dreaming can happen, it takes a while to activate, but when you do drifting into a dream state will be so much more enjoyable.

This pendent, Dream Weaver, was designed to aid one in a journey of working with lucid dreaming AND/OR simply getting a more restful nights sleep. I mixed many dream¬† stones together…

  • Lepidolite, the main stone in the pendent, is said to work on the level of emdream-weaverotions, easing stress and mental exhaustion in your waking life. Improving self esteem and self empowerment. Helps to stabilize mood swings and smooth out sleep disturbances.
  • Moonstone, balancing hormonal shifts. Enhances psychic abilities. Helps one to understand emotions, dreams, self discovery.
  • amethyst, third eye opener. Meditative. Improves insight and intuition. Relaxing.
  • Hematite, grounding and clear thinking.

Getting a restful night sleep is important to every aspect of our lives. Everything is connected in the Dream Weaver Web.

To read more about this piece please click here to visit my storefront.

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Passage to India


I was so deep in trance when creating this piece that I believe I created some sort of portal to India.¬† I saw visions of bubbly rooftops outlined with exotic sunsets. Rich colors and busseling¬† streets.¬† I don’t pre-plan whapassage-to-indiat will happen when I do wire work, the shapes just organically happen and the nature of the stones make them all unique. However, in the case of this pendent, the moment I saw the rounded temple shape, I knew the theme would be India and the rest was inspired.¬† I won’t go into detail about how long it took me to make (okay all day), but I will say that they started out as earrings, and I thought yeah right I’m not going to make another one…I’m gonna go make some curry!!!

P.S.  Turquoise is said to be Good Luck to Travelers!!

To view more info on Passage to India,Click HereAdd an Image

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Spiraling into Suductive Pendents

In recent days I have decided to expand on a new jewelry idea (or at least new for Goddess Adornments). It is…making pendents!!! Thus far, I have always been attracted to complete the full necklace all thespiral-seduction way to the clasp. Which I will still be doing when the moment is right.

I have realized what a great adventure it is to make just the pendent. Not only can I put more time and energy into a smaller section, but I love all of the illusionary benefits of working with wire.  Of course, all of my pendents are made with sterling wire, oxidized and hand polished to bring out the detail in the wire work.

Today I ordered a bunch of hand dyed silk ribbon in beautiful colors to be placed with the pendents (I’ll show you a pick when they arrive).¬† In addition to ribbon I will also be offering a selection of chain or leather cord. Look for such options in my etsy shop within the next couple of weeks.¬† You will also notice within my shop a new section “seductive pendents” where you will see the pendents being added as they are made. Here is one to kick off this new phase rightly entitled¬† “Spiral Seduction” Click HERE to read more about this pendent.¬†spiral-seduction

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Tranquil Moon: Earrings for the Full Moon Woman

tranquil-moon earrings

As the moon waxes and wanes we are in constant reminder of our feminine energies rising and falling within.¬† A “full moon woman” as I call it, is¬† full of energy and life, multi-tasking and possibly mothering, either a child or a new idea or project. We are in full bloom, past the point of waxing crescent youth and not yet to wise crone.¬† It is a beautiful and fulfilling place to be. One must be especially cautious at this time, however to seek the balance necessary to combat burnout and to live stable and free. Luckily there are a plethora of ways to go about balance. One tactic that I have found valuable is to have a constant reminder… of all that encompasses true presence. With true presence all else will come naturally. ¬† A reminder can come in any way shape or form. I like to double my odds with a reminder/energetic source, such as a crystal, herbs etc…

These earrings were made in honor of our womanly nature and our need for balance. They not only serve as a visual reminder of all of the majestic beauty that dwells within, but they also act as an energy source that can help to bring a sense of peace and serenity into our energy field and therefore all around us.

Tranquil Moon Earrings artranquil-moon earringse one of a kinds, fresh out of the Goddess Adornments Studio, for more info about them click here!

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Larimar Waters

An incredible healing tool comes to us in the form of aquatic visions.¬† Larimar, an extremely rare stone, found soley in just a small section of the Dominican Republic is said to hold powerful properties thatlarimar waters can help heal and transform our lives. With growing popularity (and thus price), larimar is beginning to be seen all around the world and is especially desired for it’s completely unique “sun rays in water” appearance.¬† But beyond it’s beauty is a vibration like no other.¬† Larimar is said to be finely tuned to the human body and resonates with the 5th chakra, opening the gates of communication. And when worn by the same person consistently, the stone will adapt accordingly to individual needs.¬† Naturally it elevates a higher and more mindful consciousness while supporting the mind body spirit connection. Because of the calming and meditative effects of the stone, it facilitates removal of self-imposed blockages and constraints, allowing one to move freely in life, without restraints. These are just some of the healing properties associated with Larimar, of course the best way to test out the many possibilities associated with larimar is to carry one in some way on the person, mindfully.

Larimar is commonly referred to as the Atlantis Stone because a wise profet¬† once said that the Dominican republic is part of the continent of the lost city of Atlantis. And he claimed the stone would turn up there at the exact time it was discovered, 1974.¬† People who hold a strong connection to Atlantis are said to be able to feel energies and decipher information through these stones. But that’s a whole other conversation!!!

In a tribute to Larimar, I created this magical seascape piece…click here for more info on the necklacelarimar waters

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Aquamarine Flora Mandala

Blessings to the March Birthdays out there!!! Aquamarine, with it’s tranquil oceananic vibes¬† is known to be linked with the month of March. To anyone who has ever gazed into this stone can see why it’s name specifically means “aqua”-water “mar”-sea.¬† Aquamarine has been used as a tailsman for all those who wandered the sea in ancient times, and is still used for protective water traveaquamarine flora mandalals. aquamarine flora mandala

Aquamarine has many healing properties, including quieting and calming the mind, protecting against pollutants, clarifying perception, sharpens intellect, and clears confusion. On a spiritual level, because of it’s calming effect, it is known to be a great stone to wear during meditation as it invokes a higher state of consciousness.¬† I have always associated aquamarine with opening and clearing the throat chakra, bringing communication to a higher plane. Bringing me to my next point, aquamarine is known to awaken love in a tired marriage.¬† So if you want to ensure a long and happy marriage, maybe it would be extra insurance to adorn yourself with some aquamarine!!!

It is a great practice to wear aquamarine either on the heart chakra or on the ring finger.

To clean or recharge your aquamarine, place it in a glass dish of water and leave under the moonlight. In the morning, hold in your hands, close your eyes and align yourself with the stones energy. It will be more than happy to work with you!

This necklace macool blue waters of Croatiade of aquamarine, blue apatite, iolite and all natural brass is availible at

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Rainbow Awakening

Ever have one of those days when just a glimmer of hope changed your whole perceptional reality? This week we had a rain spell up here in Northern California. It rained for three solid days.  One evening we noticed the color change outside and stepped out to see a vibrant glorious rainbow! Oh, springtime bliss is upon us! I could see each rainbows end anrainbowd all 5 miles of shifting color variancerainbow-awakening.  Taking a deep breath, I realized how easy it is to get caught up our life story and how a phenomena such as a rainbow can pull us back into our true selves connected with magic and transformation.

The rainbow was followed by a magnificent sunset and my inspiration was surging. Thus, these new earrings, entitled, “Rainbow Awakening” were manifested.¬† They are made from scratch from silver wire, hand hammered and oxidized to bring out an antiqued quality which I love. The “silver lining” is complimented by a shower of colored tourmaline, which I wire wrapped onto the frame.¬† In the middle I hung only the most beautiful amethyst crystals…the jewels at the end of the rainbow!

For more views and info on these earrings please visit www.goddessadornments.etsy.comrainbow-awakening

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And my Tribal Kick Continues….

Thought I’d throw out there another recent creation from my current tribal fascination. I’m really lovin’ the intricate unique beauty of tribal beads, usually coming with an ethnic flare of color. I would say tribal style is a fashion that speaks earthly volumes and reminds us that we are all connected…reaching out across the oceans to each other through food, music, fashion and so much more. Something as simple as an earring can remind me of these blessings, that all of us can share in worldy wonders. I made these two earrigns elegantly simple and versitle so they can be enjoyed and worn anywheretribal-stomp! They are currently highlighted featured earrings at my storefront!

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Everyday is a good Day for Tribal!!!

tribal-everydayWhen your having one of those days when less is more…than reach for a simple compliment to your mood. Something that says “Yea, I’m funky and I don’t need to proove it”! Something with smooth colors and contouring shapes…something just like my tribal everydays made especially for the simpistic funky chick within.

I  just made these in the dead of night on a fluke. I went into my studio to grab something, sat down exhausted and before I knew it I was sitting down with these two tribal beads in my hand and a renewed rush of energy, so there you have it they are meant to be! In fact, these are the first of a long line of tribal jewelry I anticipate making. I have a whole bunch of beautiful funky tribal beads just waiting for me to sleepwalk.

For more pics and info on these earrings check out

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5 Ways To Ride the Waves of Inspiration

Ever hit a creative (for lack of better words)….Block??? It tends to happen from time to time and it’s okay to feel a little foggy. Although, if art is a large part of your life,¬† you don’t want your head in the fog so deep that the lighthouse won’t be able to steer you home!

Here are some of my favorite ways to clear my gunkies and come out crystal clear~ocean-fantasies

  • Next time your feeling Splendid!,¬† On Top of the World!,¬† Nothing can Stop you Now!, Enchanted!, Mesmorized by your influx of ideas streaming Wonderful ideas! Harness It!! And I don’t mean by staying up until 4am trying to implement them all. Simply write, scetch or get them onto something concrete, so that when you are having a down time, you can refrence your brillance and inspire even more things!
  • This one helps to be centered if your into that ūüôā¬† basically what I like to do, is pick an aspect in nature (or maybe a country you’ve been to, or place, or even person) maybe physical or intangible.¬† It’s a form of meditation where you simply open your mind and allow yourself to receive.¬† It might take some time, it might start out as thoughts on color schemes or texture or design or materials. Both of the photo examples here on this page, “Ocean Fantasies” and “Sea of Oblivion” are¬† inspired by a visual meditation I did on the Sea.¬† Keep in mind, your viewer might not even know where you were inspired from and that has no relevance.
  • Get inspired by other peoples art! This one is so easy because art is all around us and so accessible. Even though I don’t think you would, I just have to put out there that in no way am I implying to copy someone else’s hard work and pass it off as your own original idea.¬† But hey, I would say 99% of artists’ fires get sparked when they see someone’s work who sea-of-oblivionthey admire. Of course, putting your own unique spin on it is what makes you an artist!
  • Learn a new trick or trade having to do with your art form or purchase a new tool or tutorial.¬† Perhaps your stuck-ness is a result of boredom. Upgrades are good, don’t be afraid of change!
  • And lastly, because I have lazy days too, just walk away.¬† I’m sure you notice the mood that sweeps over you when you are wanting to create. When that’s not there, your better off spending your time elsewhere.¬† And on that note…a cute little quote! “Believe in your Art, Believe in your Heart!”

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Using Color Theapy in Jewelry


What does green feel like??? How about red? Black?
It is a long known fact that color can play a huge role in our emotions and mood. And in my opinion, when working with stone jewelry it is even more intense. This takes it to the next level of actually receiving the color medicine into your skin. A soft glow penetrating into your being and vibrating on such subtle notes throughout the day. This may seem obvious, but it is exactly how stone/crystal healing operates. The longer you allow yourself to be in alignment with that color, the more you are gaining the full power of it’s healing.
Here is a new piece I made entitled, Fairies at Play…and it is what inspired me to write about color today. The green is so rich and vivid, I can almost feel the calmness and serenity the effects of this stone would have on my heart if worn for even just a couple hours.
As an artist I love color, and combining color is something I have grown fearless offairies-at-play. All the colors in nature can go together. Combining multitudes of color in fashion is not only fun and beautiful, it’s therapeutic!

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5 Reasons to Re-Vamp Grannies Jewels

Every since I started making Lost in Timejewelry, my grandma has been sending me loads of her old jewelry….this could potentially be a¬†dreamy situation, ¬†right? In my case, honestly it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.¬† BUT when it’s good it’s WonderFull, this is one of my success cases which I finished re-vamping today.¬† I started with just the red¬†flowers.

Here’s¬† 5 Reasons why I think YoU should take a Peek into the Abyss of Grannies Jewels…

  1. 1. You are creating an astronomical chance that nobody will ever be able to duplicate your piece just by going to the local bead shop. Or even come close. What an origional resource!
  2.  As you sift through piles of old jewelry, remember to be open to the inspiration within each piece you come across, even if you deem it as hidious.
  3. You have a potential chance that sections of your new creation will already be made just by simple reattachments!
  4. ¬†There all all kinds of gizmos, links of old chian, earring backs, little jewels and trinkets that are on everything…even if the piece as a whole is…well, hidious.

5. Finally, I have seen a huge comeback of the modern antiqued look happening in several circles and I predict it to be an upcomming trend that will be thriving in full force. 

So, call grams or take a look at your local pawn, thrift shop for some odd and ends…you never know what will be there!!!!

Lost in Time 2

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dusk awakening

bali silver, black tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline…still availible at my shopdusk awakening

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Sultry Vamp

Elegant and alluring…red garnet, onyx, pyrite, labradorite and all natural brass…availablesultry-vamp

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Amazon Rain

brass, pyrite, labradorite, clear quartz…still availableamazon-rain

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Golden Abyss

A wavy, circular pyrite disk, lava rock and more pyrite. Lots of texture…availible at my shopgolden-abyss

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Turqouise Oracle

dazzling southwestern turquoise paired with rings of all natural brass…still availible at my shopturqouise-oracle

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Asian Moon

moonstone, blue adventurine, turqouise, labradorite,¬† faux cinnabar, all natural brassasian-moon…still availible at my shop

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Turquoise Goddess

Bright, sky blue turquoise, tigers eye and white howlite, sterling silver…availible at my shopturqouise-goddess

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Indian Medallian Pendent

gorgeousindian-medalion-pendent…and still availible, see my shop for more details. Indian medallian, red jasper, serpentine, shell, sterling silver

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Flourite Fusion

Rainbow Flourite, aquamarine, clear quartzflourite-fusion

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Fancy Tease

hematite, crystal, gun metal chain…please see my shop for more details…fancy-tease

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Desert Sand Earrings

orange calcite, sky blue turquoise and marbalized agate, ear hooks all natural brassdesert-sand-earrings

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Chakra Mandala

chakra-mandalaDelicately contours the natural shape of the neck all while beautifully balancing your inner being

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