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I am dancing in circles! In preparation for the upcoming couple months, I’ve had to control myself. Part of me wants to book all the shows that seem amazing (and there are many) but then the practical side of me knows I only have two hands and only so much feasible time.
slow down…deep breath…
In starting a jewelry business (or any) there is so much time that is spent doing all of the little things…book keeping, accounting, photographing, shopping for materials, networking ect…that I really can only spend a couple days making jewelry a week. Which isn’t much time for as big as my eyes are getting. I just LOVE getting out there, amongst the crowd, talking and mingling with other artists, getting immediate feedback.
here is a personal story that is true, I’m finding that it relates to more than myself so I thought I’d share….
An important message that has come into realization for me lately is this:
In the beginning I was so stressed on time. I felt like I had a lack of it. I could work all day and still have a million things to do. As much as I did only created more work. For once in my life I enjoyed the work. I wasn’t resenting it. I was having dreams of designs. I would go to sleep at midnight, wake up in the wee hours of the morning and work on different aspects of my business. But inside I wasn’t feeling as accomplished as I’d like. As if I wasn’t doing enough. I would feel guilty for taking an evening apart from my work…my project…my baby. Obsessed you might say? A little, I would say.
But then it dawned on my (with the help of some concerned close friends 🙂
The journey is what is important. Not the end result…and will there ever be one? As soon as I accomplished one goal, I will always set another. There is no end to my madness!! So why not just slow down the pace and enjoy every single iddy biddy step of the way. Stop to smell the flowers, take an evening bath. And I am happy to report that I feel much more collected now, I sleep like a baby at night and I fully realize that the joy in life is in every single moment.
With that said here is my new show schedule~I will post updated schedules when I have additions. If you would like further information, please message me

March 30 Holistic Healing Arts Fair, Sacramento California DoubleTree Hotel
April 19-20 Crystal Fair and Gem Show San Fransisco California
April 26-27 Craft Fair, Eureka California
May 31, Summer Arts and Music Festival, Benbow California
June 28 Brookings Oregon Saturday Market
July 19 Brookings Oregon Saturday Market
August 1-3 Faerie Worlds Festival, Eugene Oregon

that is all I have booked for now, but I plan on doing several more, so check back for updates

Have a peaceful day,


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