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Passage to India


I was so deep in trance when creating this piece that I believe I created some sort of portal to India.  I saw visions of bubbly rooftops outlined with exotic sunsets. Rich colors and busseling  streets.  I don’t pre-plan whapassage-to-indiat will happen when I do wire work, the shapes just organically happen and the nature of the stones make them all unique. However, in the case of this pendent, the moment I saw the rounded temple shape, I knew the theme would be India and the rest was inspired.  I won’t go into detail about how long it took me to make (okay all day), but I will say that they started out as earrings, and I thought yeah right I’m not going to make another one…I’m gonna go make some curry!!!

P.S.  Turquoise is said to be Good Luck to Travelers!!

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5 Reasons to Re-Vamp Grannies Jewels

Every since I started making Lost in Timejewelry, my grandma has been sending me loads of her old jewelry….this could potentially be a dreamy situation,  right? In my case, honestly it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  BUT when it’s good it’s WonderFull, this is one of my success cases which I finished re-vamping today.  I started with just the red flowers.

Here’s  5 Reasons why I think YoU should take a Peek into the Abyss of Grannies Jewels…

  1. 1. You are creating an astronomical chance that nobody will ever be able to duplicate your piece just by going to the local bead shop. Or even come close. What an origional resource!
  2.  As you sift through piles of old jewelry, remember to be open to the inspiration within each piece you come across, even if you deem it as hidious.
  3. You have a potential chance that sections of your new creation will already be made just by simple reattachments!
  4.  There all all kinds of gizmos, links of old chian, earring backs, little jewels and trinkets that are on everything…even if the piece as a whole is…well, hidious.

5. Finally, I have seen a huge comeback of the modern antiqued look happening in several circles and I predict it to be an upcomming trend that will be thriving in full force. 

So, call grams or take a look at your local pawn, thrift shop for some odd and ends…you never know what will be there!!!!

Lost in Time 2

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Earthly Embrace

Turqouise, carnelian, black ebony wood, citrineearthly-embrace

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Desert Sand Earrings

orange calcite, sky blue turquoise and marbalized agate, ear hooks all natural brassdesert-sand-earrings

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