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Whirlwind of Beads…Recapping the Tucson Gem Show

Look at this mess!!! I am tangled up in beads, crystals, rare and beautiful metals and stones, well, I guess it isn’t such a bad place to be ~) After getting home from the Tucson gem show I was overwhelmed,  sore footed  and dry to the bone. This photo here demonstrates the aftermath of the show and what my brain looks like.  I fall asleep to the sweet images of green tourmaline trying to entice me to buy them.

Now, feeling refreshed and artsy,  beads cataloged and color coreographed I’m ready for action. I don’t think (well, I know) I have never had this many beads in my life. And all ones that I personally selected.  So exciting!!! I have already whipped up a couple really beautiful ones I’ll reveal tomorrow. mess-after-tucson


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Arizonia Dreamin’…A Shoppers Guide to the Tucson Gem Show

Staring out at my tucson-arizoniamisty Northern California landscape, I can almost feel the golden Arizona sun pulling me south into a state of captivity…the Tucson Gem Show beckons my arrival.  In only a handful of days I will be scoping out one of the most glorified gem shows on the planet. Only spending three days there, I decided that the efficiency of my time is of up most importance.  So here I have summarized my plan of attack so that I can shop enjoyably still have energy to hang out with friends and dance under the desert sky.

First on the list is, well, to make a list. I happen to be a list freak, but if you aren’t keen on takin’ tabs, here’s a simple way. Go through your inventory and see if there is any stone, color, shape, metal, finding that you are short of. simple and it makes sense so you don’t duplicate too much on what you already have. At the show, you can review to make sure you at least got the important things.

Next, I would suggest acquiring a Tucson Gem Show Guide. This will show you the “it” spot for your personal conquest. In person, they will be at most major hotels in the Tucson area (pick one up for a resource). But if you like to plan, like me, you can go online at to check out the Tucson Gem Show Guide online and take some time to really notice what stands out, look at websites, see exact locations etc… highly recommended.

So now that you are all squared with where you’ll be shopping, get together your paperwork, copies of resale license, business license and business cards. This will be your ticket to the exclusive wholesale shows.

After each day of shopping, while it’s fresh in your mind, try to categorize your findings by price so you can remember when you get home. Plastic baggies and a sharpie are brilliant ways to do this. Plus, don’t forget to put your receipts somewhere safe!  And when you get home…well that’s a whole other story. But be nice to yourself and pick up your studio before you leave, maybe even go get yourself a couple extra bead organizers…I’m sure you’ll use ’em!!

Peace and take care!!

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