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Whirlwind of Beads…Recapping the Tucson Gem Show

Look at this mess!!! I am tangled up in beads, crystals, rare and beautiful metals and stones, well, I guess it isn’t such a bad place to be ~) After getting home from the Tucson gem show I was overwhelmed,  sore footed  and dry to the bone. This photo here demonstrates the aftermath of the show and what my brain looks like.  I fall asleep to the sweet images of green tourmaline trying to entice me to buy them.

Now, feeling refreshed and artsy,  beads cataloged and color coreographed I’m ready for action. I don’t think (well, I know) I have never had this many beads in my life. And all ones that I personally selected.  So exciting!!! I have already whipped up a couple really beautiful ones I’ll reveal tomorrow. mess-after-tucson


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Going To the Tuscon Gem Show!!

Okay, well it still is three weeks away, but I am so excited!! If you all don’t know, the Tuscon Gem show is the most incredible stone, crystal, mineral, gem show out there. I am looking forward to spending three entire days immersed in beads galore. And you can bet on the fact that I will find the most amazing additions for my new pieces this year.  Stay tuned, I will take some pictures so you can see how massive it is! Until then, the countdown begins….

Here is an outstandingmulti clustered termination crystal photo from the gem show about three years ago.

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