The Fantastical Realm of Goddess Adornments

An Enchanting Glimpse into my Studio and Jewelry Line

How to Earn Free Jewelry!

Free Jewelry from Goddess Adornments!
Enjoy a personalized shopping experience at home with your friends….
When you host a Fun and Easy home Jewelry Party!!!
You’ll earn FREE gemstone jewelry designed and handcrafted by Summer Raven.
You and your guests will find amazingly unique and exotic jewelry to keep
And one of a kind gifts to give!
Plus knowledgeable consultations on the healing properties of crystals/gems will ensure that everyone will find their perfect treasures.
Free gift wraps for each jewelry item purchased.
Jewelry prices begin at $20
Custom Orders Welcome~
Schedule you jewelry home party today!!
­­Coupon for host redeemable at time of party
$25 of free jewelry!
Plus…an additional discount of…
$15% of guest total $800+ or 10% of guest total $100-$800
Plus…another $10 of free jewelry for each party booked from
Your party (redeemable at or after party)
Plus…another $10 of free jewelry if you have 20 or more guests!


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