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5 Ways To Ride the Waves of Inspiration

Ever hit a creative (for lack of better words)….Block??? It tends to happen from time to time and it’s okay to feel a little foggy. Although, if art is a large part of your life,  you don’t want your head in the fog so deep that the lighthouse won’t be able to steer you home!

Here are some of my favorite ways to clear my gunkies and come out crystal clear~ocean-fantasies

  • Next time your feeling Splendid!,  On Top of the World!,  Nothing can Stop you Now!, Enchanted!, Mesmorized by your influx of ideas streaming Wonderful ideas! Harness It!! And I don’t mean by staying up until 4am trying to implement them all. Simply write, scetch or get them onto something concrete, so that when you are having a down time, you can refrence your brillance and inspire even more things!
  • This one helps to be centered if your into that 🙂  basically what I like to do, is pick an aspect in nature (or maybe a country you’ve been to, or place, or even person) maybe physical or intangible.  It’s a form of meditation where you simply open your mind and allow yourself to receive.  It might take some time, it might start out as thoughts on color schemes or texture or design or materials. Both of the photo examples here on this page, “Ocean Fantasies” and “Sea of Oblivion” are  inspired by a visual meditation I did on the Sea.  Keep in mind, your viewer might not even know where you were inspired from and that has no relevance.
  • Get inspired by other peoples art! This one is so easy because art is all around us and so accessible. Even though I don’t think you would, I just have to put out there that in no way am I implying to copy someone else’s hard work and pass it off as your own original idea.  But hey, I would say 99% of artists’ fires get sparked when they see someone’s work who sea-of-oblivionthey admire. Of course, putting your own unique spin on it is what makes you an artist!
  • Learn a new trick or trade having to do with your art form or purchase a new tool or tutorial.  Perhaps your stuck-ness is a result of boredom. Upgrades are good, don’t be afraid of change!
  • And lastly, because I have lazy days too, just walk away.  I’m sure you notice the mood that sweeps over you when you are wanting to create. When that’s not there, your better off spending your time elsewhere.  And on that note…a cute little quote! “Believe in your Art, Believe in your Heart!”

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