The Fantastical Realm of Goddess Adornments

An Enchanting Glimpse into my Studio and Jewelry Line

ReVamping My Studio

unvamped studio, Blah!revamped-studio my work spaceReVamped Studio photo box and lit wall display case

Ever feel like the space you live/work in doesn’t suit you? Well it should!! Surrounding yourself with your creative output as much as possible is important for the flow of ideas and defining self expression.

That’s what I decided when I looked around my studio recently (first picture) and thought, wow, here I am trying to make creative, free form jewelry and my studio is drab and inspirational. So, after that thought, I rummaged around for scrapes of fabric, plants, candles, feathers and anything colorful and fluffy that I can gaze at during a moment of “what next”.  I even managed to salvage a dying orchid in the process, which now sits on my desk. Another exciting aspect is now when people come over to my studio space to check things out or callaborate on a piece, they are welcomed with the warmth of what I have to offer. Ahhhh…so much better!

And as my good friend Melissa says…”It’s not messy, It’s Creative!”…so don’t sweat the small stuff, just stay organized.


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